Want to spice up your home, but don't know how? Need an expert to advise on tiles, kitchens, layout, furniture selection or space planning? We've got you covered.


With experience in multi-unit residential schemes, we have dealt with large and small interior design questions and can quickly resolve an interior-related issue or help with planning your new project.

We often get asked if we take on individual homes and the answer is yes, however our client prefer to remain private, so we don't widely publicise it. Our interior design fee for individual home starts at £46,200 and includes visualising the whole space and preparing project documentation to go with your approved design. However, if your budget does not stretch to our full fee, we can help with any design question or support with interior design on regular basis through our 1:1 consultations. We can support on selecting the best layout to fit your family's needs, discuss and agree the style of your room, help you select specification, and even suggest most cost-effective suppliers. You can book as many 1:1 calls as you like, whenever there is a need to make a decision. The calls are ideal if you don't know what to do with your space, you need professional guidance on what will work best, or you don't what to order and where to achieve the look you have dreamt up. Loads can be done in 90min, especially if you send us your brief beforehand.


To work with our designers on a room of your choice, chat to us about your ideas, discuss a concept for kitchen/bathroom/room of your choice or just brainstorm options for furniture and layout, book one of the 90min calls below.


We look forward to working together!




Q: What sort of work could I expect to do in 1:1 90min consultation? 

A: Before every consultation we will ask you to send us info on what you're looking to achieve. This helps us to prepare for the call and maximise the time with you. During the call we can review floor plans of your project, advise on the style or design details, help you select a floor, tile or other item of specification to create a space of your dreams. 

Q: My contractor requires me to provide drawings, can you do that?

A: Not in the consultation package, however, once we come up with a design, we can quote for drawings separately. 

Q: I love your visualisation service. Are visualisations like these included in products above? 

A: No, they aren't. We can produce a photo-realistic design of your space for £1,500 per image.

Q: How much does an average kitchen/bathroom cost to deliver?

A: We deal with contracts on a large scale which are priced in a different way to single-unit projects, therefore we can't advise how much your contract will charge for your project. The price will also be influenced by your location. We can however help you select internal finishes which we often recommend to our developer clients, from suppliers who offer the best quality/cost ratio. Suppliers who work with us on large scale projects are very competitive on price and are typically our best kept secret!

Q: How long does it take to design my kitchen/bathroom/room? 

A: It depends on what you're looking to achieve. If one 90min consultation is not enough for you to decide how you want your interior to look, we can schedule follow up consultations and help make these tricky decisions as your project progresses.

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