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Interior Design for Property Developers


For us, Interior Design is more than just aesthetics. It’s a study into the factors that govern human behaviour and influence their life choices. The right interior of your project has the power to create a sense of home away from home, to show buyers what sort of life they could have, should they choose to purchase your homes. If architecture is the make-up worn by a building, interior design is its heart and soul. We want your homes to emanate warmth, quality, comfort and modern luxury - all features we plan to highlight and reflect in your homes.

Before we begin any interior design project, we always conduct a floorplan review where we suggest layout improvements where we identify design elements that we know buyers will like. Planning drawings are often prepared for the sole purpose of obtaining consent, without much thought going into what spatial arrangements will allow you to achieve the highest possible sales values. Our changes can usually be done without the need to go back to planning, and it is teamwork between us and your architect. In early 2019, we managed to add an estimated £150k of GDV to one 9-unit scheme and £400k to a larger, 21-unit-scheme simply by manipulating floor plans and the relationship between apartments in the building.


Choosing the right specification is key to attracting buyers and creating a perception of exclusivity in your scheme. We also provide you with huge savings done in the procurement and tendering process of getting the perfect specification, as we know which products are best suited to your scheme and where to source them. A detailed specification will help you get more meaningful contractor quotes, as well as controlling the quality of your product. 


Last but not least, we will work with your professional team to review all the little internal detail that makes the difference, and we’ll source, source, source! Making sure that we find the most cost-effective suppliers that will bring expensive-looking finishes on developer budgets. We agree with your quote for large items and pass the discount onto you (typically offsetting our fee). This process is to ensure that no detail is left undecided and in the hands of your contractor. Every unit has its delivery document with appropriate sourcing details, specifications and drawings. Our detailed work will not only allow getting better tender quotes, but it will also mean that your Development Team isn’t called upon during the build, and you can focus your attention on securing your next site purchase.

Bespoke Interior Design

  • Review of project floorplans with suggested improvements to optimise scheme saleability

  • General Arrangement plans with indicative M&E layouts + 1x round amendments

  • Specification document outlining all interior finishes and details to residential units 

  • Sample 3d renders for each key area: general interior (living/bedroom), kitchen, bathroom, communal area

  • Design principles drawing for each key area -  1x bathroom/ensuite, 1x WC, 1x bedroom joinery principles, 1x general interiors principles 

  • 3x face to face meetings inc. travel 

  • 1x sample sign-off meeting




  • Project monitoring/input after sample sign-off and delivery of final specification document

  • Technical drawings

  • Additional versions of specification issued for individual units/unit types 

Design Lab - 1 Day Workshop

You buy our time and expertise to help specify all fittings and finishes for your development. - the speed of your decisions is our only constraint. With careful preparation, our usual client is able to come out of the day with a minimum of:


  • Review of project floorplans with suggested improvements to optimise scheme saleability

  • Advice and selection of large and small items for your development project that is guaranteed to work together and wow your buyers when implemented. The quicker you decide, the more item we can select and specify on the day.

  • Introductions to Ademchic’s carefully selected wholesale suppliers that will provide the best price for quality spec

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