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Ademchic - Luxury Houses

Welcome to Ademchic, specialists in premium interior design, marketing and branding for developments of luxury houses. Our team of skilled designers has crafted identities of some of the most desirable homes in UK's most sought-after postcodes. We're passionate about creating aspirational and design-led schemes that exceed buyers' expectations and sell quicker.

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Luxury Houses

At Ademchic, we believe that every home should be unique, and that’s why we offer customised interior design solutions for developments of luxury houses. We work closely with our clients to understand their vision and create a tailored design that reflects style and preferences of their target market. Whether you're creating a high-end luxury gated community or a prestigious urban development, we can design a unique DNA of your scheme that will trigger off plan sales and/or early reservations.

Ademchic - Luxury Houses Featured Projects


Featured Projects

Ademchic specializes in designing luxury  houses that embody contemporary yet timeless aesthetics. Our portfolio showcases innovative layouts and opulent finishes, delivering exceptional results. Explore our exquisite designs today.


Luxury Houses

Our experience in luxury houses has allowed us to hone our skills in creating elegant and timeless interiors that appeal to a range of property developers. We understand the importance of creating a cohesive look throughout the development while also catering to real estate developer’s preferences. Our team is skilled at working with developers to design spaces that maximise functionality, flow, and livability. 


At Ademchic, we offer consultations to all potential clients. This is an opportunity for us to discuss your vision for your space, your budget, and your timeline. It also allows us to answer any questions you may have about our services and process. We believe that a successful interior design project starts with a strong understanding of our clients' needs and preferences. That's why we encourage you to book a consultation with us today to start the conversation about how we can help you transform your luxury property into a stunning and functional living space. Contact us now to schedule your consultation.

Ademchic - Luxury Houses


Coherent Design Identities

Our design team provides a complete Luxury Houses brand experience, coordinated and delivered by a single studio. Our approach is centred around your audience and their needs, as well as the context of the architecture and building, timeless design with modern trends. Each component of the design puzzle adds value individually, but when expertly coordinated, they can create significant added value. Trust us to provide seamless coordination and delivery of your luxury house  brand experience, tailored to meet your commercial goals.


What Makes Us Different?

Ademchic Group
Ademchic - Luxury Houses Services

Expert Team

Our diverse team, consisting of strategists, concept creators, designers, marketing experts, and communicators, offers a comprehensive platform that allows you to initiate interior design, branding, marketing and digital campaigns effectively. We are well-equipped to handle every aspect of design coordination and delivery as soon as planning is granted, freeing your team to concentrate on the essential elements of your business. Our services are designed to enable you to maximize ROI through delivery of statement rental homes at the lowest cost.

All Services in One

As your trusted partner in the luxury house  sector, we seamlessly integrate with your in-house team to offer end-to-end interior design, branding and marketing services, regardless of your development stage. We believe that there is an enormous value in one team delivering and coordinating all elements that influence tenant perception of value, allowing us to put together a more powerful proposition. Our expertise enables us to deliver unparalleled results aligned with your commercial goals and ambitions.

Choose Ademchic for our vision and delivery that will set you apart in the competitive luxury housing market.

Ademchic - Luxury Houses VR Tour
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Designing in VR

We recognize that our clients want to visualize their development before it's built, and VR technology allows us to create immersive, lifelike experiences that bring our designs to life. By leveraging VR, we can create 3D models of your development, enabling you to experience it as if you were walking through the actual space.


Our design process integrating VR models sets us apart by allowing us to identify and resolve design issues early on, saving time and costs associated with traditional design methods.

Deep Dive into

Your Audience

At Ademchic, we believe that understanding and designing for the specific needs and tastes of your audience is paramount to our work. We recognize that each luxury house development requires a tailored approach to internal layouts, look and feel, and budget. That's why we invest time in studying your target demographic to create a one-off product that is irresistible to them. Our design process is inspired by your audience, the surrounding area, and the building's context and architecture, combining current trends with timeless design to achieve exceptional commercial results.

Ademchic - Luxury Houses
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