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Fieldhouse - Logo Design

Fieldhouse Furniture

In 2021, we partnered with Fieldhouse Furniture, a prominent interior design firm renowned for its bespoke solutions tailored to large-scale projects. Fieldhouse Furniture offers comprehensive services spanning design, supply, manufacturing, and installation.



Brand Identity, Brand Narrative, Website Design,  Brochure Design, CGIs


Fieldhouse Project Management & Furniture

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2021 - 2022

Fieldhouse - Brochure Mockup Design
Fieldhouse - Website Mockup Design
Fieldhouse - Brochure Mockup Design
Fieldhouse - Website Homepage Design
Fieldhouse Furniture - Business Card Mockups-compressed.jpg

Fieldhouse Furniture sought to revitalise its brand image, recognising the importance of projecting a modern and cohesive identity to its clientele. Collaborating closely with their team, we embarked on a journey to redefine their brand identity. This involved crafting a new visual language that resonated with their target audience, reflected in the design of their logo, brochure, and website.

To elevate Fieldhouse Furniture's marketing materials, we utilised CGI's to render realistic representations of their interior designs. These high-quality CGIs were seamlessly integrated across various marketing channels, enhancing the visual appeal of their brochures, website, and other promotional materials.


Furthermore, we developed an engaging animation for their website landing page, offering visitors an immersive glimpse into Fieldhouse Furniture's creative vision and expertise.

Fieldhouse Phone Mockup-compressed.jpg

Our collaboration with Fieldhouse Furniture exemplifies the transformative power of strategic branding and compelling visual storytelling. By infusing their brand with fresh energy and dynamism, we helped Fieldhouse Furniture establish a stronger presence in the competitive interior design landscape, effectively connecting with their audience and driving business growth.

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