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Fieldhouse Furniture Case Study: A successful rebrand of UK and Europe's built-in furniture leader

Fieldhouse Furniture, a UK and Europe leader in the large-scale furniture fit-out industry, approached Ademchic, a leading interior design studio, for a comprehensive rebranding solution. The challenge was not only to design a new brand identity, logo, tone of voice, brochure, and website but also to create a number of concepts for Fieldhouse Client's BTR and student interior designs.

"We were tasked with showcasing a range of materials and designs that Fieldhouse Furniture can design, manufacture, supply, and fit. Usually, we work within a strict boundaries of a project, but in this case, the sky was a limit as long as we envisioned a sample design for a studio apartment, resident amenity space, and kitchen/dining space in a flat with multiple bedrooms. It was fun!" Says Karolina Adamczyk, the Chief Visionary Officer at Ademchic.

btr interior design

Our Objective

With the rebrand, Fieldhouse Furniture wanted to further strengthen its position as a market leader with a new brand narrative that would appeal to its target audience. Ademchic partnered with Fieldhouse Furniture to created a unique and compelling brand image that was modern and elegant. In addition, Fieldhouse used this opportunity to split the brand into two distinct entities, Fieldhouse Furniture and Fieldhouse Project Management, to enhance brand consistency and reflect their business structure.

btr interior design

The Challenges Faced by Fieldhouse Furniture

Fieldhouse Furniture had an established reputation for delivering large-scale furniture fit-outs in the UK and Europe, with a significant part of their portfolio consisting of student and BTR fit outs. However, the company needed to revamp its brand image and establish a clear narrative that explained the real scale of their UK and European projects.

Ademchic's Approach to the Rebranding

To begin the process, Ademchic consulted with Fieldhouse Furniture to understand their business goals, target audience, and unique selling points. Armed with this knowledge, Ademchic developed a brand narrative that would resonate with Fieldhouse Furniture's ethos and set the brand apart from its competitors.

btr interior design

We approached the project in a collaborative manner, working closely with Fieldhouse Furniture to understand their vision, process and setup. Next, Ademchic created a new brand identity for Fieldhouse Furniture, which included a new logo, tone of voice, brochure, and website design. The new branding is modern, elegant, and professional, reflecting the company's position as a leader in the industry. We also developed brand guidelines to ensure brand consistency across all touchpoints.

Last part of the design process, Ademchic developed CGI's and a VR reel of a show stopping interior designs, all of which can be designed, manufactured, supplied and fitted by Fieldhouse. Designs included a sample designs for a studio apartment, resident amenity space, and kitchen/dining space in a flat with multiple bedrooms.

"With the designs we developed, we wanted to showcase Fieldhouse Furniture's commitment to delivering high-quality and functional interiors for their clients. Overall, Ademchic's approach to the rebranding of Fieldhouse Furniture was comprehensive, strategic, and results-driven. The new branding and have helped Fieldhouse Furniture maintain its position as a leader in the industry, driving growth and attracting new clients in the student and BTR space" says Karolina

"Thank you, Karolina, I can say hand on heart you and your team are truly outstanding. The end result is beyond all expectations. I will never use any other company." Elizabeth Wild

Managing Director, Fieldhouse Furniture.


Fieldhouse Furniture is now well-positioned to maintain its market leadership in the large-scale furniture fit-out industry. The new marketing collateral and design-led brand identity developed by Ademchic helped Fieldhouse Furniture establish a clear and consistent narrative that resonates with its design-driven target audience. The company is poised for continued growth in the future.

Please note that the company rebranding services are now provided by Ademchic's sister brand: Property Brand Lab.

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