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Bass Orchards

Bass Orchards, a boutique collection of five 3, 4, and 5-bedroom homes in the idyllic village of Matfield, represents the pinnacle of luxurious countryside living.

Ademchic played a pivotal role in this project by creating a comprehensive property marketing strategy that included branding, a luxury brochure, a dedicated development micro-site, CGIs, and hoarding banners.


Property Marketing Package for Property Developers


Development Branding, Luxury Brochure, CGI's, Site Banner, Website Design


Corker Brothers x Canham Homes



Ademchic was instrumental in the successful marketing of Bass Orchards, a development by Corker Brothers and Canham Homes. Our task was to create compelling property marketing that highlighted the unique features and luxurious appeal of these bespoke homes. We developed a luxury brochure that captured the essence of the development, designed a dedicated micro-site to provide prospective buyers with detailed information and immersive visuals, and produced high-quality CGIs and hoarding banners that showcased the homes in their best light.

The strategic and cohesive branding we provided significantly enhanced the project's visibility and attractiveness, leading to over 40 enquiries on the website in the first month alone. This outcome underscores Ademchic's capability to drive interest and sales for off-plan properties through expert marketing and branding strategies.

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Ademchic is the premier destination for property developers seeking exceptional interior design, branding, and marketing services. Our team of commercially-focused interior designers, branding and marketing specialists understands the importance of creating spaces that exude sophistication, elegance, and luxury, while effectively communicating your brand values to your target audience.

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