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Belgravia Townhouse

In our quest to transform our client's vision into reality, we embarked on redesigning their bathroom to be not just a space for routine but a sanctuary of elegance and peace.


Designed by Karolina Adamczyk Studio


Interior Design


Private Developer



This transformation was achieved by the thoughtful incorporation of luxurious marble and rich wood, blending their distinctive qualities to soften the ambiance and infuse the space with a warm, inviting glow. The result is a harmonious oasis that exudes calm and chic sophistication, setting a new standard for bathroom design.

This project was designed under the Karolina Adamczyk Studio banner. Karolina is the founder of Ademchic. Karolina is a master of luxury interior design, in demand for her ability to weave personal stories into the fabric of each space.

With her curator's eye and passion for ultra-luxe spaces, Karolina set up the Studio to work with select Private Clients transforming high-end residences into masterpieces of comfort and elegance.

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