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Hampstead Penthouse

Situated in the picturesque area of Hampstead, this project presented a unique opportunity to reimagine the living space for a discerning client. The objective was to remodel the layout to better accommodate the client's requirements; infusing the home with refined elegance, adding a third bedroom with a private bathroom, creating a primary bedroom suite with a statement bathroom as well as designing the overall material scheme to future-proof the design for a resident with early stages of dementia.


Designed by Karolina Adamczyk Studio


Interior Design


Private Developer



As in all of our projects, we leveraged advanced 3D modelling to bring our client's vision to life before final approval. This approach allowed the client to virtually walk through their new penthouse, experiencing every detail and making informed decisions. This process not only ensured that they could envisage their home before it was built, but also significantly enhanced construction tendering and project delivery.

This project was designed under the Karolina Adamczyk Studio banner. Karolina is the founder of Ademchic. Karolina is a master of luxury interior design, in demand for her ability to weave personal stories into the fabric of each space.

With her curator's eye and passion for ultra-luxe spaces, Karolina set up the Studio to work with select Private Clients transforming high-end residences into masterpieces of comfort and elegance.

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