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Hampstead Villa

In our Hampstead Villa project, we designed a precise lighting scheme to highlight premium materials and enhance architectural features, creating a luxurious ambiance.


Designed by Karolina Adamczyk Studio


Interior Design


Private Developer



This elegant backdrop was softened with delicate pastel soft furnishings, adding layers of texture and a sense of serenity to the space. The carefully considered color scheme elevated the penthouse's aesthetic, showcasing how material choices can transform a high-rise residence into a bespoke haven of luxury and comfort.

This project was designed under the Karolina Adamczyk Studio banner. Karolina is the founder of Ademchic. Karolina is a master of luxury interior design, in demand for her ability to weave personal stories into the fabric of each space.

With her curator's eye and passion for ultra-luxe spaces, Karolina set up the Studio to work with select Private Clients transforming high-end residences into masterpieces of comfort and elegance.

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