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Queens Park Residences

Luxgrove Homes is a premier developer of luxury homes, and their properties are a testament to the company's commitment to crafting exceptional living spaces. Our team was tasked with creating a comprehensive marketing plan to showcase their latest development, and we went above and beyond to deliver stunning results.


Property Marketing for Property Developers


Brochure, Website, CGIs, Interior Design, VR Tour


Luxgrove Homes



From the development logo to the bespoke interior design, floor plan optimization, and VR tour, every aspect of the project was carefully considered to ensure that the finished product would be a true representation of luxury living. The luxurious brochure and website design, complete with computer-generated images, provided potential buyers with an immersive visual experience, while the hoarding design and marketing plans helped to generate buzz and drive sales.

The results of our efforts were outstanding, with over 30% of the units sold before practical completion. The attention to detail, from the placement of every USB plug socket to the design of the kitchens and bathrooms, made a significant impact, and buyers were drawn to the luxurious finishes and timeless elegance of the homes. The team at Luxgrove Homes can be proud of the beautiful spaces they have created, and we were honored to play a role in bringing their vision to life.

Ademchic is the premier destination for property developers seeking exceptional interior design, branding, and marketing services. Our team of commercially-focused interior designers, branding and marketing specialists understands the importance of creating spaces that exude sophistication, elegance, and luxury, while effectively communicating your brand values to your target audience.

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