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How much should I budget for a show home?


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How much does it cost to create a show home for residential development?

At Ademchic, we work exclusively with housebuilders and residential property developers, therefore if you’re looking for price guidelines for styling your private home, the fees below may not be relevant. 


Our “plan A” will always be to create such strong marketing and interior product that it disappears before practical completion, but we believe that every developer should have an emergency “plan B” show home budget that could be deployed a few months before construction finishes if they still have units to sell.


While a show home may seem like a large expense, it is also very versatile. Show home furniture can be reused in the same development if the client moves it from one unit to the other as they sell. The package can also be moved between sites or offered to a buyer as an additional sales incentive.


Show homes are a massive boost for interior specifications. When prospective buyers visit a well-kitted show home, they focus on the overall feel rather than the individual details of the specification.


When it comes to a kit out show homes budget, the sky is the limit as to what you could pay for the design and fit-out. Generally, we would not recommend having a budget below £18,000 + VAT for a one-bedroom first-time buyer apartment. What this minimum budget will get you is:


  • interior design scheme delivery

  • 1 day of styling

  • Installation

  • Purchase of large items like sofas, beds, as well as soft furnishings and accessories

  • Transportation

  • Bespoke sheers and/or curtains


This budget is based on our experience of delivering many show homes and assumes good quality spec available on the high street (think brands such as Habitat or On top of that, you may need to include the cost of paint and a decorator if your walls are currently white.


Our show homes always come with professional photos that we oversee as the last action on show home delivery. Professional photography is an important part of getting the show home right and achieving the most desirable look of your scheme online. Photos of your show home may often be the first touchpoint for your buyer before they find your website or a sales brochure, so they need to adequately represent/sell your product.


How long does it take to deliver a project?

A show home takes circa 6-8 weeks to deliver, but it can take as little as 4 weeks. The longest lead time is expected for bespoke window treatment, While bespoke curtains and/or sheers consume a major part of the budget, they add a luxury look to the scheme, so we always recommend them. 


Just like in the interior design scheme, you hire a designer for their value-engineering expertise. They will decide where to spend a bit more and where to save. Generally, in our experience, the small items, soft furnishings, accessories, are more important to create the look than large items such as a sofa or a bed. 



What to consider when deciding on a budget?

We have delivered show homes on all sorts of budgets and once we venture into higher budgets, the fun begins. If you can afford to spend more on your show home, your designer will be able to buy more interesting furniture, select better fabrics, source bespoke joinery, art, and soft furnishings that will make a design statement. In a way, designing with higher budgets is easier, because designing to lower budgets consumes many hours of value-engineering. Many designers will have a minimum budget requirement, which will often be significantly higher than £18,000 + VAT.


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