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Virtual Show Homes


What is a Virtual Show Home?

There are two kinds of virtual show home: those which are often taken by estate agents following the dressing of a show unit which offer an immersive walkthrough tour of the property based on 360 photography of a completed product; and those which can be created well before a development is nearing completion and don't require the capital outlay involved with furnishing - enter virtual reality for new residential developments. 


Both enable your prospective purchasers to carry out virtual viewings from the comfort of their own home/office at any time of day or week that suits them.

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Adding a CGI show home to a developers sales toolkit has many benefits. It allows developers to start marketing their development many many months before completion. Even if you are not necessarily interested in launching your new homes sales early, all that extra time allows your agent to collect enquiries and grow the list of potential leads.


We’ve all seen very primitive examples of CGI walkthroughs in the past. Much like poor quality CGIs, we would advise clients against wasting money on collateral of poor quality which will only detract buyers. The technology available to us now means that our team can create immersive virtual show homes for new developments with stunning interiors that are undeniably photorealistic. You can get incredible results by working with a company like Ademchic - we are experienced in delivering extremely high quality 3d imagery to developers which really sells and has a tangible ROI.


At Ademchic we work with our developer clients very early on in the development process to curate targeted interiors which are both cost-effective and a powerful sales tool. Harness the power of those interiors by letting your buyers immerse themselves through a 360 property tour. 3d headsets can be utilised at a relatively low additional cost to make the experience even more immersive. 


Don’t forget, utilising a CGI virtual show home allows you to portray an even more aspirational lifestyle and interior than might be possible within your show home budget - with statement lighting and furniture which would otherwise be too expensive to procure. 

How much does an interactive property walkthrough cost? 

A high quality interior virtual tour can cost considerably less than its real-life counterpart. Although it's important to note that it takes a considerable amount of hours to curate a successful interactive walkthrough: it requires careful research, space planning, technical detailing and selection of furniture and accessories. Secondly, to achieve the quality and photorealism to really excite the senses takes some seriously powerful and expensive equipment, and high resolution rendering usually takes several hours. All in all, 3d virtual tours are very time consuming and as a result, much more expensive than photography - BUT, being able to have them even a year ahead of completion can be an invaluable tool in minimising a developers sales risk and maximising ROI. 


A realistic budget for a standalone photorealistic 3d walkthrough for a standard size 2-bedroom apartment is investment of around £10-12,000 + VAT. When purchased on top of one of our static CGIs packages the price comes down considerably. For even better value consider one of our developer marketing packages which also includes branding, brochure, hoarding and microsite. 


Is it not better to hold off and spend the money on real furniture?? 

A standard high quality show home in London (2 bedrooms) can cost anywhere between £25,000 - £75,000 depending on the location and price point. When you consider that a CGI show home is a fraction of that cost and allows you to start marketing months ahead of completion, it seems like a no brainer, even when marketing a small boutique development (less than 20 units). 

Our Clients

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"We've had properties reserved 'off plan' before they were even 'out of the ground.'"

"Our current 21-unit conversion has a waiting list of almost 50 people for the show home launch date in February 2020. We've done two projects with Ademchic now, and the marketing material they have produced for us has taken our business to a different level". - Claire Norwood, Claire Norwood Property

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