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Interior Design for Property Developers


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BROADWATER HOUSE for CPG UK (illustrative CGIs)

We want the buyers to step into your finished product and feel like everything is in the right place and it’s easy to picture where furniture will go and how their new home will suit their lifestyle on a practical and aspirational level. After reviewing the proposed sales values our multi-disciplinary design team carries out independent research on the local area, and local design stock, your competitors and historical best sellers. On basis of that we create a bespoke interior design proposal for your new homes ensuring that we value engineer our ideas to work within your budget!

Our experienced team of interior designers will choose the most luxurious possible materials from our trusted list of suppliers to ensure you get the best possible quality and pass on supplier discounts to get the best look and save you money. We then produce detailed interior specifications supported by sample review that conclude everything from what colour the walls should be painted to the style of the light switches and door handles to deliver a cohesive interior identity that works within the developers construction budgets and will appeal to target buyers. 

Interior Design for Property Developers may be considered an unnecessary cost if you never worked with a professional B2B Interior Design studio. Once our clients experience benefits of working with us, they don't go back to their disorganised historical ways, where they may have entrusted their lives and their investor's life savings in the interior design taste of the contractor. They say that kitchens and bathrooms sell properties and it's no different with new homes. By creating a truly superior product to the typical house-builder stock out there, we create a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity for potential home owners to purchase a home like no other. Boutique developments typically have smaller number of units, and when these units have unique identity, they become best sellers.

By investing a small budget in Interior Design service at the beginning of the project, you are often saving loads in your financing costs when homes sell much quicker than expected.

"We've had properties reserved 'off plan' before they were even 'out of the ground.'"

"Our current 21-unit conversion has a waiting list of almost 50 people for the show home launch date in February 2020. We've done two projects with Ademchic now, and the marketing material they have produced for us has taken our business to a different level". - Claire Norwood, Claire Norwood Property

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